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ADVTEC Ltd delivered an optimised communication implementation for drones

The implementation is based on Peer-to-Peer file distribution protocols and Time Sensitive Networking techniques, providing safe data delivery using different paths, minimising loss of data and thus mission failure, eliminating re-transmissions and improving performance especially for large size of data such as video and images of high resolution.

ADVTEC's implementation is used for intra and inter-drone communication, for a drone or swarm of drones, keeping the established network organized even in case of a link/node failure, ensuring connectivity of surveillance drones and data delivery, enabling drones to be an integral part of the road network infrastructure.

We would like to thank Creative Systems Engineering and IKAROS Consortium for their valuable support and co-operation.

Background: IKAROS project developed a swarm-of-drones platform for improved integrated monitoring of road infrastructures that act collaboratively together as one. Thus, IKAROS project brought the intelligence and processing capability closer to the creation of data, allowing near-real-time output of the system, towards all relevant stakeholders, such as road owners, maintenance team, traffic controllers, police, ambulances, first responders etc.

Towards this direction, IKAROS project developed the necessary technological backbone, including improved perception, cognitive ability of drones, improved networking communication, intelligence at the resources’ management, which enable the U-Space operations to improve the safety in road transport.