Space & Defence Communications

AdvTec Ltd. combines technical excellence with
professional management expertise for identifying win-win
scenarios and providing optimal solutions in the space and
defence industry.

The company offers support throughout all project phases
from feasibility, simulation and design studies, through
procurement and project management, to testing,
installation and commissioning of space and defence
communication subsystems.

Through our approved partners, we offer engineering
services in the design and development of hardware and
software solutions for aircraft and satellite/spacecraft on-
board data networks validation, ground equipment and
satellite communications, with special focus on testing and
monitoring tools.

AdvTec Ltd is a reseller partner of TELETEL’s iSAFT
Product Line, currently focusing on satellite/spacecraft on-
board data networks validation including SpaceWire, MIL-
STD-1553 and CAN/CANOpen. Based on the iSAFT
Products, we can provide a comprehensive set of systems
and services related to customer-tailored Electrical Ground
Support Equipment (EGSE) and specialised Spacecraft
Check-Out Systems. For TELETEL’s full range of products
and additional relevant technical information, click here.
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